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About this project

I love sea and diving! And I want to offer help too!

I was always thinking how to help the marine environment and return at least a small piece of the goodness that I take from seas while diving. Although I support marine conservation initiatives like Sea Shepherd or AWARE, I would like to help more actively. I love underwater photography and I think I can make my photographs to help.

Project "Help the Seas!"

Project Help the Seas! enables local marine protection projects to reach funds from private contributors. The sea conservation projects receive visibility and on-line fundraising capability.

The contributors can easily raise funds for projects of their choice. They receive a stuning underwater photograph as a thank you for their contribution.

My vision is that all the contribution will go directly to the marine conservation projects in form of a donation. As I do not have any other income from my underwater photography yet (I have my daily job though), part of the contribution will cover the running cost of this initiative.

This initiative is my personal project that is conducted under my full name, my personal honesty, consistency and sense of fair-play. My personal profile is available on facebook and my professional profile is available on LinkedIn social network.

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Sponsorship of the "Help the Seas!" project can directly increase the donation to marine conservation projects in exchange for sponsors' visibility.